26. - 30.04.2017

FMBB World Championchip 2017 - Show

Rassen: Belgischer Schäferhund
To register for the DKBS Show and/or the FMBB Show, please follow the steps as written out below.

Follow these steps:
1) You will need a working-dog membership. This is free of charge! In case you are already a member, perfect! If not, you can register here: www.working-dog.eu

2) Please search the database to spot if your dog is already registered in the working-dog database. In case of yes, please complete the data. If you do not find your dog, please enter him/her into the data base (navigation -> dogs -> add dog).

3) Shift now to the subscription site and use your working-dog login data to get access:

4) Now choose the event you want to subscribe: DKBS/DMC Specialty Show (29.04.2017) - DKBS/DMC Specialty Show (29.04.2017)

5) On the top right you will find the button to enter your dog or group. Now you see a normal entry form. Please choose the class and while entering the dog’s name let the system search for your dog. For this you can easily use parts of the dog’s name. For example: you can find the dog „Galdra’s Mind a Trick of the Tail“ with the words „Galdra Trick“. Your owner’s data is completed by using your login credentials. Now you have to confirm in the bottom of the page and submit the entry.

On the following site you will find a link to debit your entry fee from your bank account. This is also available for exhibitors outside Germany!

After you finished your entry you will get an e-mail to confirm this. Now your data will be approved by the show organization; after this the confirmation will be sent. This may take a couple of days.

Certificates you have to send separately be e-mail to whom it may concerns show@dkbs.de or zucht@dkbs.de

Please note that your dog’s data has to be approved by moderators on working-dog. Takes 24 to 48 hours.

If you need help, please feel free to contact us with e-mail to webmaster@dkbs.de or call me at +49 5261-980880 (Alexandra Finke).

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